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Konnichiwa my future client! Watashi no namae wa La'Tiah desu and I am a passionate perfectionist when it comes to my craft!  I always strive to provide my clients with fantastic results far beyond their expectations. The most highly anticipated moment of the entire process of what I do is your reaction. Oh I can't tell you how good it feels to have my creative ego stroked! Just to see how truly satisfied and excited you are inspires and motivates me to raise the bar for myself with every new project.


A little about me: I am personable, consistent, and I aim to please. I'm highly intuitive and intelligent, in which, one or two projects would be all it would take for me to get a feel of your sense of style and what you expect from me. Allow me to "nekotize" you into loving my company's unique-to-you services. Now keep on scrolling and learn more about your future personal designer...


DuBois Business College

Associate's Degree in Specialized Business

Entertainment Production Business



Alumni | Magna Cum Laude

Entertainment Production Business


Graphic Design, Web Design, Film Production, Visual Marketing, Business Management, Accounting, 2D & 3D Animation, and Video Game Design

Degree Breakdown

I am a huge lover of language & culture. Can you guess whose I'm particularly fond of? WRONG! It's the Japanese! That should've been obvious! "NEKO" is a direct representation of me. Both me and my designs exhibit many attributes of this beautiful and magestic creature.

I love Japan. I love anime & manga! Yes! It's true! I really do! I also love good old American comic books and cartoons. Marvel's Jean Grey aka The Phoenix is my favorite animated character of all time! Dakedo, One Piece ha saikou desu! Well, the best SHOW OF ALL TIME that is...

I truly am a perfectionist to a fault. But that's okay! It only means that whatever you receive from me will be proofed down to every single microscopic detail and thought about logically from every single possible angle there is is all. What's so bad about that? I see nothing.

I love making others happy! It's a treasure knowing that I was the cause of this beautiful and radiant smile presented before my eyes. It can be anything from a simple joke, helpful advice, to creating something that made you fall in love with your precious company even further--I do that!

My personal design style is dark and bold. Dark backgrounds are the best! It makes any color scheme you choose to design in POP! Especially when applied to simple and classic black and white. A modern, yet vintage look is amazing.

My favorite areas of graphic design are typography, layout, and web. The power of arrangement is more effective than most realize. It's all about manipulating the eye to follow the direction that YOU take it and giving the reader the exact information you want in such a way that it actually sticks with them. They remember it because of HOW they saw it. Most people can retain information much easier through visualization. I can be the medium between you and your potential customers--your "customer whisperer."

Multi-talented is what I am! However, I'm only elaborating  on one particular talent--writing. I've been writing stories and poetry since the age of 12. It was my first creative passion--my first outlet that was brought on by the amazingly talented Eric Jerome Dickey. I instantly fell in love with the art of language at that point. So much so that English became my favorite school subject and I became a stickler for bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I'm the type of person who proofreads a message 87 million times before even so much as thinking to press send.

People tend to say that I'm very old school or that I have an old soul. Although I love what opportunities the technological advancements of today have provided for mankind, I dislike how widely misused and unappreciated they have become. I'm much more tech savvy than an average person, however, I feel that some "primitive" ways are better and still okay to implement.

I'm currently, in my leisure, creating a writing website where all writers of all ages and styles can come together ("inkorporate" like Mortal Kombat) to express, share, and learn with one another in one big community. There's even a mini-site within the site for graphic designers and artists, GFX Studios. The main site is quite extensive due to the fact that I have everything planned out as though my members would begin their virtual careers and progress through the stages of becoming a "celebrity." Sort of like an online simulation game. It'll take some time to complete and since I have yet to put the grand amount of content I've already prepared onto the site due to still working on the design and layout. I don't mind you having a look-see to see what progress I've made thus far. Writers Ink is my brain baby!

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