Get Our Discounted Logo Design Services For A Limited Time




Get to know the personalized services of NEKO. It's common knowledge that logo designs will not come cheap. However, the Nike swoop is one of the most inexpensive and well-known logos out there. Take advantage of our discounted prices while they last!


* Applies To New Client Referrals Only.

* Program Subject To Change Without Notice.


So you've experienced our wonderful services! Aren't you just itching to tell someone about them now? A friend, a colleague, a boss, your cat--whomever it may be! Let them know how we can help. You're not only benefitting them, but you are also reaping the rewards (please do not refer cats to us). 


Here's how it works: when you refer someone, come back here to alert us. Once that PERSON (meaning a human being) finishes a project with us, you will be credited 5% of their final project total to use towards your next project. Keep in mind that the bigger their first project, the more you'll save on your next project! You will be notified via email of every approved referral along with how much credit you've obtained. Multiple referral credits will be listed in a queue setup when emailed (Ex: 1st Referral: Next Project - Amount You'll Save | 2nd Referral: 2nd Project - Amount You'll Save). Each referral credit will be applied automatically on a per project basis when starting a new project. You will be reminded of how much you've saved when you receive your final quote for a new project. You may not use referral credits interchangeably. They must be applied to the project that they are attached to. If you have any questions about our Refer-A-Friend program, please don't hesitate to contact me, your personal studio agent Midori! I can handle anything!